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DFG Contacts

Stand: December 8, 2021

Dr. Heike Bock

Programme Director
Research Centres

E-Mail: Heike.Bock@dfg.de
Telephone: +49 (228) 885-2713
Telefax: +49 (228) 885-713320
Kennedyallee 40
53175 Bonn

Coordinated Programmes (procedural matters)


124 Pathogenic fungi and their human host: Networks of interaction – FungiNet –
190 Rationality and Competition: The Economic Performance of Individuals and Firms

Clusters of Excellence (ExStra)

2049 NeuroCure
2068 Physics of Life - The Dynamic Organization of Living Matter (PoL)
2145 Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology (SyNergy)
2189 CIBSS - Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies

Collaborative Research Centres

841 Liver inflammation: infection, immune regulation and consequences
902 Molecular Principles of RNA-based Regulation
923 Threatened Orders
933 Material Text Cultures. Materiality and Presence of Writing in Non-typographic Societies
973 Priming and Memory of Organismic Responses to Stress
992 MEDEP - Medical Epigenetics - from basic mechanisms to clinical applications
1027 Physical modeling of non-equilibrium processes in biological systems
1074 Experimental Models and Clinical Translation in Leukemia
1078 Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function
1083 Structure and Dynamics of Internal Interfaces
1085 Higher Invariants – Interactions between Arithmetic Geometry and Global Analysis
1119 CROSSING - Cryptography-Based Security Solutions: Enabling Trust in New and Next Generation Computing Environments
1123 Atherosclerosis: Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets
1170 Topological and Correlated Electronics at Surfaces and Interfaces
1208 Identity and Dynamics of Membrane Systems - from Molecules to Cellular Functions
1265 Re-Figuration of Spaces
1313 Interface-Driven Multi-Field Processes in Porous Media - Flow, Transport and Deformation -
1349 Fluorine-Specific Interactions: Fundamentals and Functions
1365 Renoprotection
1411 Design of particulate products
1436 Neural resources of cognition