von Kaven Award

The von Kaven Award distinguishes mathematicians working in the European Union for outstanding academic achievements as an honorary award.

In December 2004, the von Kaven Foundation was started as an unincorporated foundation, administered by the German Research Foundation (DFG), by founders Mr. Herbert von Kaven, Detmold and the Executive Board of the DFG. The purpose of the foundation is achieved through the awarding of a von Kaven prize for mathematics.

Recipients of the von Kaven Award are selected by the DFG’s mathematics review board in accordance with the statutes of the foundation. Spontaneous applications for the von Kaven Award are not accepted. Provided there are no other suitable nominations, the von Kaven Award is conferred to the best applicant in the Heisenberg Programme in mathematics from the preceding year in question as a particular distinction. Funding recipients under the Emmy Noether Programme in the field of mathematics have also been considered for selection since 2017. Nominations for potential prizewinners can be submitted by members of the review board for mathematics, its previous chairs and members of DFG's mathematics committee.

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