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Statements: Women and Girls in Science Day 2024

Ona Ambrozaite

Ona Ambrozaite

Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University and WiSDA Board Member

Finding your​ support system is crucial in order to enable initiatives like the Women in Science Diplomacy Association (WiSDA), founded in 2023. I am so fortunate to work with devoted, talented, and kind women leaders -- in diplomacy, NGOs, academia, and more -- to push forward and break any ceilings out there for women in STEM. 

Dr. Derya Buyuktanir Karacan

Dr. Derya Buyuktanir Karacan

Professorial Lecturer and Researcher, George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs

We must break down barriers that hinder women's participation in science. Promoting women in science leadership is a catalyst for building stronger and more equitable institutions. It is not only about achieving gender parity but also about amplifying the voices and impact of women scientists worldwide. 

Evelina Santa-Kahle

Evelina Santa-Kahle

Science Counselor, German Embassy in Washington DC, Co-Founder, Women in Science Diplomacy Association (WiSDA)

I want us women to have an equal say in science and science diplomacy – neither is complete without female aspiration, achievements, and contributions to society. 

Giusi Condorelli

Giusi Condorelli, MD

Science Attaché, Italian Embassy in Washington DC, Co-founder, Women in Science Diplomacy Association (WiSDA)

I strongly believe in the importance of role models. The impact women can make on girls, students, and peers is incredible, both in terms of steering them towards careers and in boosting their confidence.