Dr. Thomas Ebertshäuser Programme Director

Collaborative Research Centres
E-mail: Thomas.Ebertshaeuser@dfg.de Telephone: +49 (228) 885-2335 Telefax: +49 (228) 885-713320

Kennedyallee 40
53175 Bonn


Cross-functional Tasks
Financial Planning and Funding Statistics
General Responsibilities
Establishment, funding, organising review and evaluation of results of CRCs including CRC/Transregios (TRR), DFG Research Centres (FZT) and Clusters of Excellence (EXC)

Coordinated Programmes (procedural matters)

2056 CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter
2094 ORIGINS: From the Origin of the Universe to the First Building Blocks of Life
224 Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges: Equality of Opportunity, Market Regulation, and Financial Stability
247 Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase – Mechanisms and Materials in Thermal, Electro-, and Photocatalysis
277 Additive Manufacturing in Construction (AMC) – The Opportunity for Large Impact
386 HYP*MOL – Hyperpolarization in molecular systems
1054 Control and Plasticity of Cell-Fate Decisions in the Immune System
1064 Chromatin Dynamics
1227 Designed Quantum States of Matter (DQ-mat) - generation, manipulation, and detection for metrological applications and tests of fundamental physics
1316 Transient atmospheric plasmas - from plasmas to liquids to solids
1328 Adenine Nucleotides in Immunity and Inflammation
1348 Dynamic cellular interfaces: formation and function
1456 Mathematics of Experiment: The challenge of indirect measurements in the natural sciences
1483 Empathokinaesthetic Sensor Technology – Sensor Techniques and Data Analysis Methods for Empathokinaesthetic Modeling and Condition monitoring
1565 Molecular mechanisms and interplay of gene expression processes
1585 Structured functional materials for multiple transport in nanoscale confinements
1639 NuMeriQS: Numerical Methods for Dynamics and Structure Formation in Quantum Systems