Clinician Scientist Programmes of the DFG

The DFG’s Clinician Scientist Programmes provide a structured framework for physicians to combine research and residency training.

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The DFG currently funds 23 Clinician Scientist Programmes at medical faculties throughout Germany with a duration of up to five years. The aim is to offer a structured scientific training and qualification programme for researching physicians.

Within the Clinician Scientist Programmes, the DFG currently funds around 400 temporary substitute positions, which enable the participating physicians to pursue their own high-quality research activities parallel to their residency training. Additional funding is provided by the DFG for the coordination of the programmes, the required mentoring and the accompanying scientific curriculum, so that the participants can benefit from comprehensive support and training opportunities.

Subsequent to the DFG funding period, the Clinical Scientist Programmes are to be sustainably anchored at the hosting medical faculty. The programmes are closely monitored by the DFG in order to gain key insights on Clinician Scientist funding.

Clinician Scientist Programmes at Medical Faculties

Clinician Scientist Programmes at Medical Faculties, MFT survey, status 2022

MFT survey, status 2022


Overview of funded Clinician Scientist Programmes

With the first call for proposals for Clinician Scientist Programmes 13 projects were accepted for funding in 2018 following an international review.

As a result of the second call for proposals, a further ten programmes were approved in summer 2022.

Basis of Clinician Scientist funding and further financing options within the programmes

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