Dr. Martin Roatsch Programme Officer

Research Careers
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Kennedyallee 40
53175 Bonn


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Coordinated Programmes (procedural matters)

1986 Complex Light Control
2250 Mineral-bonded composites for enhanced structural impact safety
2251 Immunological and Cellular Strategies in Metabolic Disease (ICSMD)
2271 Expectation Maintenance vs. Change in the Context of Expectation Violations: Connecting Different Approaches
2355 Regulatory networks in the mRNA life cycle: from coding to noncoding RNAs
2430 Interactive Fiber Rubber Composites
2573 The inflammatory tumor secretome – from understanding to novel therapies
2700 Dynamics and stability of linguistic representations Neurolinguistics – Acquisition & Intervention – Variation & Change
2767 Supracolloidal Structures: From Materials to Optical and Electronic Devices
2773 Risks and Pathomechanisms of Affective Disorders
2802 Refractory Recycling: A contribution for raw material-, energy- and climate-efficiency in high temperature processes
2843 Accelerating Crop Genetic Gain
2844 Staging of religious atmosphere in ancient cultures
2868 D³ - Data-driven design of resilient metamaterials
2899 Belongings: Jewish Material Culture in Twentieth-Century Europe and Beyond
2937 Nucleotide Metabolism in Microbes
2939 Economics of Connected Natural Commons: Atmosphere and Biodiversity
2947 Technological & Operational Integration of highly automated Air Transport in Urban Areas
3022 Organizing Architectures