Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 52 | 18. Juni 2024

Colombian-German Collaboration in Research

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA) continue to offer joint funding opportunities for bilateral research projects in any field of research under a Standing Open Procedure (SOP).

We are pleased to announce that the Memorandum of Understanding between the DFG and the UdeA has been renewed in February 2024 and the opportunities for bilateral research projects under the Standing Open Procedure (SOP) continue to be available for researchers from Germany and the UdeA. 

Submission of research proposals is possible at any time under the DFG’s Research Grants Programme as well as the corresponding CODI programme at the UdeA. Researchers may apply for a funding period of up to three years in any field of research. 

At the DFG, researchers submit their proposals under the Research Grants Programme (“Sachbeihilfe”) in compliance with the guidelines and the proposal preparation instructions outlined in DFG forms 50.01 and 54.01 (see links below). These include the eligibility criteria and the duty to cooperate (“Kooperationspflicht”) within Germany for members of non-university institutions with permanent positions. Please note that any duty to cooperate for DFG applicants at non-university research institutions can only be fulfilled through cooperation with a partner at a German university. For more information on the duty to cooperate, refer to DFG form 55.01 (see link below).

Please note that the DFG does not provide separate funds for these efforts; proposals must succeed on the strengths of their intellectual merit and teams in competition with all other proposals under the Research Grants Programme (“Sachbeihilfe”).

All proposals to the DFG must be submitted via elan, the DFG´s electronic proposal processing system. After logging in, please use the link “Proposal for a Research Grant” in the Proposal Forms column (Proposal Submission > New Project > Individual Grants Programme > Proposal for a Research Grant). Please select “KOLUMBIEN UdeA 20XX (current year)– Joint Research Grants” to tag your proposal. 

If you are using the DFG’s elan system for the first time, please note that you will need to register before using the system (allow at least three working days for the process). 

UdeA applicants are kindly requested to adhere to all the requirements listed on the UdeA’s website and to submit their proposals to the UdeA’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (see contact details below).

The review process is carried out separately on each side. Funding of the joint research projects is contingent upon positive assessment by both funding organisations. Joint Colombian-German projects will be co-funded by the UdeA; unilateral funding of only one part of a project is not possible. 

Please note that this joint funding opportunity focuses on research projects. Researchers who are at an early stage of their cooperation with partners at the UdeA may apply under the DFG´s programme “Initiation of International Collaboration”. If you are interested in this funding scheme, please contact the DFG for individual guidance. At the UdeA, please check for “Fondo de apoyo a la Internacionalización de la Investigación” and contact the UdeA’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for guidance.

Equity and Diversity

The DFG strongly welcomes proposals from researchers of all genders and sexual identities, from different ethnic, cultural, religious, ideological or social backgrounds, from different career stages, types of universities and research institutions, and with disabilities or chronic illness.

Further Information

General information about Standing Open Procedures (SOP) with researchers abroad:

General information for German principal investigators on research grants may be found at:

Guidelines on the Duty to Cooperate:

To submit a proposal to the DFG, please follow the Guidelines for the Research Grants Programme (DFG form 50.01) and the “Proposal Preparation Instructions – Project Proposals” (DFG form 54.01) under:

Further general information on elan: 

DFG´s Review and Decision Process:

Arriving at a decision in individual grants programmes: 

DFG’s data protection notice on research funding:

Please note the DFG’s data protection notice on research funding. If necessary, please also forward this information to those individuals whose data will be processed by the DFG due to their involvement in your project: 

Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice. Code of Conduct: 

Information on the implementation of the Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice. Code of Conduct: 

Contact of the DFG´s Research Integrity Team (Good Research Practice):

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Contact information at the DFG Head Office in Bonn

Dr. Dietrich Halm
Telefon: +49 (228) 885-2347

Contact information at the DFG in Latin America

Dr. Christina Peters
Telefon: +49 (228) 885-4550