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Ausschreibungen aus DFG-geförderten Vorhaben

3 postdoc positions (TVL E13, 100%, fixed-term)

The Cluster of Excellence 2060 "Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation" at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) incorporates the disciplines history, political science, sociology, Catholic and Protestant theology and law; representatives from Islamic studies, Islamic theology, Jewish studies, Egyptology, classical and early Christian archaeology, philosophy, philology, art history and ethnology complete the interdisciplinary spectrum.

Starting on: 01.03.2022
Application deadline: 22.10.2021

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/ wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter (w/m/d) (TV-L 13, 100%) an Universität Duisburg-Essen

Ihre Aufgaben liegen im Bereich der Erforschung und Entwicklung neuer integrierter Schaltungskonzepte für leistungselektronische Systeme im Rahmen eines kooperativen Forschungsprojekts.

Einstellungstermin: 01.01.2022
Bewerbungsfrist: 22.10.2021

30 PhD student positions in the RTG 2485 VIPER

The research training group Virus detection, pathogenesis and intervention (VIPER) provides state-of-the-art research training on virus discovery, host range and transmission, virus-host cell interactions and pathogenesis and immune interference and intervention strategies. Students will develop key skills to tackle complex health issues caused by emerging and re-emerging viruses in an inter-disciplinary setting.

Starting on: 01.04.2022
Application deadline: 31.10.2021

4 PhD research positions in the RTG 2719 PRO

The research training group PRO: „Proteases in pathogen and host: importance in inflammation and infection” invites applications from individuals interested in studying the role of proteases in bacteria-host interactions. They will use cutting-edge-methodology at the interface between immunology, infection research, biochemistry, and functional genomics and receive an individualized supervision and coaching program including topic-related seminars, practical courses, and transferable skills workshops. Externer Linkhttps://www.rtg2719-pro.de

Starting on: 01.01.2022
Application deadline: 31.10.2021

2 Doctoral Researcher Fellowships (DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme)

Within the International Research Training Group "Geo-ecosystmes in Transition on the Tibetan Plateau" (TransTiP) for the projects: "The world of Tibetan nomads: Multi-species conversations and local knowledge", TU Braunschweig and "Spatial scaling of carbon fluxes at the NAMORS station", GFZ Potsdam.

Starting on: 01.02.2022
Application deadline: 01.11.2021

Doctoral Researcher (TVL E13, 75%, 3 years)

Within the DFG Priority Program “Theoretical Foundations of Deep Learning” the research unit M15 "Applied and Numerical Analysis, Optimization and Data Analysis" at the Technical University of Munich, Department of Mathematics, invites applications for a research position on the theme “Implicit Bias and Low-Complexity Neural Networks” as a Doctoral Researcher.

Starting on: 01.01.2022
Application deadline: 01.11.2021

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen / wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) – 9 Qualifikationsstellen mit dem Ziel der Promotion (TV-L E 13, 65%)

Das Graduiertenkolleg „Ästhetische Praxis“ ist eine Einrichtung der strukturierten Doktorand:innen-ausbildung und wird von der DFG mit Mitteln von Bund und Ländern gefördert. Das Graduiertenkolleg vereint die Fachgebiete Philosophie, Kunstwissenschaft, Literaturwissenschaft, Theaterwissenschaft, Musikwissenschaft, Kulturwissenschaft sowie Soziologie und hat im April 2019 seine Forschungsarbeit an der Universität Hildesheim aufgenommen.

Einstellungstermin: 01.04.2022
Bewerbungsfrist: 05.11.2021

Doctoral Researcher (f/m/d – 75%)

The Collaborative Research Center “Wave phenomena – analysis and numerics” (CRC 1173), is currently seeking to recruit, as soon as possible, limited to three years, a Doctoral Researcher (f/m/d – 75 %) for the CRC 1173 doctoral thesis project “Numerical analysis of multiscale methods”. The CRC has been funded by the DFG since 2015. Its goal is to analytically understand, numerically simulate, and eventually manipulate wave propagation under realistic scenarios by intertwining analysis and numerics.

Starting on: At the earliest convenient date
Application deadline: 15.11.2021

PhD position in the RTG 2740 ImmunoMicroTope (E13 TVöD, 65%, 36 months)

Within the research program of the DFG-funded Research Training Group (RTG) 2740 “ImmunoMicroTope”, the research group of Prof. Christian Bogdan is looking for a PhD student for the project B2: “Characterization and integrative bioinformatic modeling of metabolic and micromilieu factors promoting survival or control of Leishmania parasites.”

Starting on: 01.01.2022
Application deadline: 21.11.2021

PhD position in the RTG 2740 ImmunoMicroTope (E13 TVöD, 65%, 36 months)

Within the research program of the DFG-funded RTG 2740 “ImmunoMicroTope”, the research group of PD Dr. Ulrike Schleicher is looking for a PhD student for the project A6: “Eosinophils shape the tissue micromilieu and immune response in cutaneous leishmaniasis.”

Starting on: 01.01.2022
Application deadline: 21.11.2021