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joint statement

Press Release No. 27 | 1 June 2007
Enhancing German-Polish Scientific Cooperation

The DFG and the Foundation for Polish Science Announce the Second Copernicus Award

The announcement of the second Copernicus Award is a clear sign of closer scientific cooperation between the neighbouring countries, Germany and Poland. This award is presented by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) every two years in recognition of outstanding services to German-Polish scientific cooperation, especially in connection with the promotion of young researchers. The prize money of 50,000 euros is divided equally between one winner from Germany and one from Poland. Nominations for the award, which was launched in 2005, may be submitted to the DFG or the FNP until 12 October 2007. The 2008 Copernicus Award will be presented in Poland on 14 May 2008.

The Copernicus Award - named after the astronomer Nicolas Copernicus (1473-1543) - is given on the basis of nominations. Nominations may be submitted by researchers or by scientific institutions in Germany and in Poland involved in German-Polish cooperation. The winners are selected by an award panel of six, made up of three German and three Polish scientists and researchers. The venue of the award ceremony will alternate between Germany and Poland. The winners of the first Copernicus Award, presented in 2006, were Professor Barbara Malinowska from the University of Bialystok and Professor Eberhard Schlicker from the University of Bonn.

Further Information

For details about the Copernicus Award from the DFG, please contact

  • Dr. Torsten Fischer, Tel. +49 228 885-2372, E-mail: torsten.fischer@dfg.de, or
  • Andrea Wabschke, Tel. +49 228 885-2337, E-mail: andrea.wabschke@dfg.de.

For details about the Copernicus Award from the FNP, please contact

  • Adam Zielinski, Tel. +48 22 845 95 15, E-mail: adam.zielinski@fnp.org.pl.

Further information on the Copernicus Award can also be found online at: