Members of the Review Boards

The inaugural meetings of the review boards for the 2024-2028 membership period are currently taking place. The membership period of the new members starts with the respective inaugural meeting of their review board and the membership period of the old members ends. Until all inaugural meetings have taken place (early June) this site will still show the review board members of the 2020-2024 membership period. All dates for the inaugural meetings can be found here (in German only). The members of the review boards for the coming 2024-2028 membership period can be found here (in German only).

Humanities and Social Sciences

RB-Nr.Review Board / Subject Area
101Ancient Cultures
101-01Prehistory and World Archaeology
101-02Classical Philology
101-03Ancient History
101-04Classical Archaeology
101-05Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
102-01Medieval History
102-02Early Modern History
102-03Modern and Current History
102-04History of Science
103Art History, Music, Theatre and Media Studies
103-01Art History
103-03Theatre and Media Studies
104-01General and Comparative Linguistics, Typology, Non-European Languages
104-02Individual Linguistics
104-03Historical Linguistics
104-04Applied Linguistics, Experimental Linguistics, Computational Linguistics
105Literary Studies
105-01Medieval German Literature
105-02Modern German Literature
105-03European and American Literature
105-04General and Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
106Social and Cultural Anthropology, Non-European Cultures, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies
106-01Social and Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology
106-02Asian Studies
106-03African, American and Oceania Studies
106-04Islamic Studies, Arabian Studies, Semitic Studies
106-05Religious Studies and Jewish Studies
107-01Protestant Theology
107-02Roman Catholic Theology
108-01History of Philosophy
108-02Theoretical Philosophy
108-03Practical Philosophy
109Educational Research
109-01General Education and History of Education
109-02General and Domain-Specific Teaching and Learning
109-03Education Systems and Educational Institutions
109-04Educational Research on Socialization, Welfare and Professionalism Research
110-01General, Cognitive and Mathematical Psychology
110-02Biological Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
110-03Developmental and Educational Psychology
110-04Social Psychology, Industrial and Organisational Psychology
110-05Differential, Clinical and Medical Psychology, Methodology
111Social Sciences
111-01Sociological Theory
111-02Empirical Social Research
111-03Communication Sciences
111-04Political Science
112-01Economic Theory
112-02Economic Policy, Applied Economics
112-03Business Administration
112-04Statistics and Econometrics
112-05Economic and Social History
113-01Principles of Law and Jurisprudence
113-02Private Law
113-03Public Law
113-04Criminal Law

Life Sciences

RB-Nr.Review Board / Subject Area
201Basic Research in Biology and Medicine
201-03Cell Biology
201-04Structural Biology
201-05General Genetics and Functional Genome Biology
201-06Developmental Biology
201-07Bioinformatics and Theoretical Biology
202Plant Sciences
202-01Evolution and Systematics of Plants and Fungi
202-02Ecology and Biodiversity of Plants and Ecosystems
202-03Organismic Interactions, Chemical Ecology and Microbiomes of Plant Systems
202-04Plant Physiology
202-05Plant Biochemistry and Biophysics
202-06Plant Cell and Developmental Biology
202-07Plant Genetics
203-01Systematics and Morphology (Zoology)
203-02Evolution, Anthropology
203-03Ecology and Biodiversity of Animals and Ecosystems, Organismic Interactions
203-04Sensory and Behavioural Biology
203-05Animal Physiology and Biochemistry
203-06Evolutionary Cell and Developmental Biology (Zoology)
204Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
204-01Metabolism, Biochemistry and Genetics of Microorganisms
204-02Microbial Ecology and Applied Microbiology
204-03Medical Microbiology and Mycology, Hygiene, Molecular Infection Biology
204-06Parasitology and Biology of Tropical Infectious Disease Pathogens
205-01Epidemiology and Medical Biometry/Statistics
205-02Public Health, Health Services Research, Social Medicine
205-03Human Genetics
205-05Nutritional Sciences
205-07Medical Informatics and Medical Bioinformatics
205-10Toxicology, Occupational Medicine, Clinical Chemistry
205-12Cardiology, Angiology
205-13Pneumology, Thoracic Surgery
205-14Hematology, Oncology
205-17Endocrinology, Diabetology, Metabolism
205-20Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
205-21Gynaecology and Obstetrics
205-22Clinical Immunology and Allergology
205-23Reproductive Medicine, Urology
205-24Biogerontology and Geriatric Medicine
205-25General and Visceral Surgery
205-26Cardiac and Vascular Sugery
205-27Orthopaedics, Traumatology, Reconstructive Surgery
205-28Dentistry, Oral Surgery
205-30Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiobiology
205-31Clinical Infectiology and Tropical Medicine
205-32Medical Physics, Biomedical Technology
206-01Developmental Neurobiology
206-02Molecular Biology and Physiology of Neurons and Glial Cells
206-03Experimental and Theoretical Network Neuroscience
206-04Cognitive, Systems and Behavioural Neurobiology
206-05Experimental Models for the Understanding of Nervous System Diseases
206-06Molecular and Cellular Neurology and Neuropathology
206-07Clinical Neurology; Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology
206-08Human Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience
206-09Biological Psychiatry
206-10Clinical Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
207Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine
207-01Soil Sciences
207-02Plant Breeding and Plant Pathology
207-03Plant Cultivation, Plant Nutrition, Agricultural Technology
207-04Ecology of Land Use
207-05Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Sociology
207-07Animal Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Animal Husbandry
207-08Veterinary Medical Science

Natural Sciences

RB-Nr.Review Board / Subject Area
307Condensed Matter Physics
307-01Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
307-02Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
308Optics, Quantum Optics and Physics of Atoms, Molecules and Plasmas
308-01Optics, Quantum Optics, Atoms, Molecules, Plasmas
309Particles, Nuclei and Fields
309-01Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Fields
310Statistical Physics, Soft Matter, Biological Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics
310-01Statistical Physics, Soft Matter, Biological Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics
311Astrophysics and Astronomy
311-01Astrophysics and Astronomy
313Atmospheric Science, Oceanography and Climate Research
313-01Atmospheric Science
314Geology and Palaeontology
314-01Geology and Palaeontology
315Geophysics and Geodesy
315-02Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics, Cartography
316Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
316-01Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
317-01Physical Geography
317-02Human Geography
318Water Research
318-01Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Limnology, Urban Water Management, Water Chemistry, Integrated Water Resources Management
321Molecular Chemistry
321-01Inorganic Molecular Chemistry - Synthesis and Characterisation
321-02Organic Molecular Chemistry - Synthesis and Characterisation
322Chemical Solid State and Surface Research
322-01Solid State and Surface Chemistry, Material Synthesis
322-02Physical Chemistry of Solids and Surfaces, Material Characterisation
323Physical Chemistry
323-01Physical Chemistry of Molecules, Liquids and Interfaces, Biophysical Chemistry
324Analytical Chemistry
324-01Analytical Chemistry
325Biological Chemistry and Food Chemistry
325-01Biological und Biomimetic Chemistry
325-02Food Chemistry
326Polymer Research
326-01Preparatory and Physical Chemistry of Polymers
326-02Experimental and Theoretical Physics of Polymers
326-03Polymer Materials
327Theoretical Chemistry
327-01Theoretical Chemistry: Electron Structure, Dynamics, Simulation
327-02Theoretical Chemistry: Molecules, Materials, Surfaces

Engineering Sciences

RB-Nr.Review Board / Subject Area
401Production Technology
401-01Metal-Cutting and Abrasive Manufacturing Engineering
401-02Primary Shaping and Reshaping Technology, Additive Manufacturing
401-03Joining and Separation Technology
401-04Plastics Engineering
401-05Production Systems, Operations Management, Quality Management and Factory Planning
401-06Production Automation
402Mechanics and Constructive Mechanical Engineering
402-01Engineering Design, Machine Elements, Product Development
402-03Lightweight Construction, Textile Technology
403Process Engineering, Technical Chemistry
403-01Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering
403-02Technical Chemistry
403-03Mechanical Process Engineering
403-04Biological Process Engineering
404Fluid Mechanics, Technical Thermodynamics and Thermal Energy Engineering
404-01Energy Process Engineering
404-02Technical Thermodynamics
404-03Fluid Mechanics
404-04Hydraulic and Turbo Engines and Piston Engines
405Materials Engineering
405-01Metallurgical, Thermal and Thermomechanical Treatment of Materials
405-02Materials in Sintering Processes and Generative Manufacturing Processes
405-03Coating and Surface Technology
405-04Mechanical Properties of Metallic Materials and their Microstructural Origins
405-05Glass, Ceramics and Derived Composites
405-06Polymeric and Biogenic Materials and Derived Composites
406Materials Science
406-01Synthesis and Properties of Functional Materials
406-03Thermodynamics and Kinetics as well as Properties of Phases and Microstructure of Materials
406-04Computer-Aided Design of Materials and Simulation of Materials Behaviour from Atomic to Microscopic Scale
407Systems Engineering
407-01Automation, Control Systems, Robotics, Mechatronics, Cyber Physical Systems
407-02Measurement Systems
407-04Traffic and Transport Systems, Intelligent and Automated Traffic
407-05Human Factors, Ergonomics, Human-Machine Systems
407-06Biomedical Systems Technology
408Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
408-01Electronic Semiconductors, Components, Circuits, Systems
408-02Communications, High-Frequency and Network Technology, Theoretical Electrical Engineering
408-03Electrical Energy Generation, Distribution, Application
409Computer Science
409-01Theoretical Computer Science
409-02Software Engineering and Programming Languages
409-03Security and Dependability
409-04Operating, Communication, Database and Distributed Systems
409-05Interactive and Intelligent Systems, Image and Language Processing, Computer Graphics and Visualisation
409-06Information Systems, Process and Knowledge Management
409-07Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
409-08Massively Parallel and Data-Intensive Systems
410Construction Engineering and Architecture
410-01Architecture, Building and Construction History, Construction Research, Sustainable Building Technology
410-02Urbanism, Spatial Planning, Transportation and Infrastructure Planning, Landscape Planning
410-03Construction Material Sciences, Chemistry, Building Physics
410-04Structural Engineering, Building Informatics and Construction Operation
410-05Applied Mechanics, Statics and Dynamics
410-06Geotechnics, Hydraulic Engineering