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Digitisation and Indexing Funding Programme

Further funding options

Information on additional funding options as well as current calls in the Scientific Library Services and Information Systems Division (LIS) is available under the LIS section. Interner Linkmore

This funding programme is directed at scientific information-infrastructure facilities including libraries, archives, museums and computing and media centres.

The funding objective is the digitisation and/or indexing of holdings and collections that are of transregional importance for research (documents of manuscript and print tradition, non-textual object collections including audio and/or visual media, as well as genuinely digital data (“born digital”) such as digital works of art, digital remains (e-mail correspondence etc.), image datasets (e.g. three-dimensional micro-CT data)).

With regard to materials for which digitisation and/or indexing standards are yet to be established, the programme aims to promote the development and/or application of quality criteria.

Proposals regarding the application of newer methods for digitisation and indexing, e.g. by optical character recognition (OCR), optical layout recognition (OLR), automatic image recognition, named-entity recognition or 3D digitisation, can also be submitted under this grant programme.

Guidance on specific types of material: