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The “Specialised Information Services” Programme

The “Specialised Information Services” programme funds the establishment and expansion of specialised information services (SIS) to enable German-based researchers of all disciplines to access specialised literature and research-specific information quickly and directly, irrespective of work location.

As infrastructures supporting research, the specialised information services provide information aligned to the special need of research subject areas, principally digital information irrespective of location. Specialised information services therefore complement the local infrastructures at universities and research institutions.

The funding of specialised information services is granted with the aim of alignment to a need for the provision of information formulated by research. Specialised information services are to be designed to focus on the interests of the research community in each discipline. These services differ from the basic tasks of research libraries and information services and offer added value compared to existing services.

This funding programme also pursues the strategic objective of turning the individual specialised information services into an overarching and networked overall information structure for specialists. The funding is working towards binding cooperation between the specialised information services to enable knowledge transfer, the reuse of technologies, coordinated task sharing and joint development of services – thus ensuring greater interoperability of services.

The programme is moreover supporting the self-organisation processes within the institutions providing the specialised information services as they move towards a cooperative overall structure and develop and establish overarching specialised information services and standards.

This programme is aimed at scientific library and infrastructure facilities that wish to provide specialist information services specifically tailored to the research needs of a particular subject area (or research region) and are already in close dialogue with the respective research community.

The DFG is currently funding 40 specialised information services.

Forms and Guidelines

Note: the “Guidelines Specialised Information Services” refer to a new version of the Proposal Preparation Instructions (12.01). This version and the corresponding template for submitting proposals will not be published until early 2021.

Further Information

FAQ relating to the “Specialised Information Services” Programme