Schmuckbild „Infrastrukturen für wissenschaftliches Publizieren“

Funding Programme "Infrastructures for Scholarly Publishing”

The “Infrastructures for Scholarly Publishing” programme aims to support scholarly publishing as part of the digital turn and wants to shape this process in a manner which is in line with the needs of research. This requires infrastructures and the development of structural conditions which support researchers in disseminating their research findings worldwide via the internet, and making them freely available without legal, technical or financial barriers for subsequent use by third parties (open access). At the same time, approaches are also required in order to link together machine-readable texts, audiovisual media or other research data, and thus improve their contextualisation, subsequent use and reproducibility.

Funding in the “Infrastructures for Scholarly Publishing” programme is therefore aimed at establishing and developing suitable publication infrastructures as well as (further) developing structural conditions for the transition to open access. Proposals can be submitted in three focus areas:

In the focus area Structures for Transitioning to Open Access, proposals can be submitted for projects which aim to develop models and standardise agreements and financial flows. This focus area also includes projects aimed at developing nationwide consulting services, as well as the national and international networking of open access experts.

In the second focus area Open Access Infrastructures, the funding is aimed at establishing and developing quality-assured, nationally relevant publication platforms.

In the third focus area Digital Publishing, projects are eligible which develop and test techniques and procedures for the publication, exchange and assessment of research findings in an academic research community.

In conjunction with the programme, proposals may also be submitted for projects that aim to launch or further develop an individual open access journal or to transition an individual journal to open access.

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