Schmuckbild: Publikationen Pandemiekommission

Commission Publications

The Commission published a total of seven publications on pandemic-related issues in order to provide information on scientific background and close perceived information gaps. 

In their final report the commission reflects their working methods and the wide range of topics in the three and a half years.

Final Report issued by the Commission for Pandemic Research

The coronavirus pandemic generated an enormous need for knowledge and has made it clear that scientifically knowledge and the pooling of scientific expertise are essential for dealing with pandemics. Science, politics ad society have benefited considerable from these interdisciplinary research strategies and studies. Yet even after the end of the acute pandemic phase, further research is still very much needed into a wide range of questions. These are the key conclusions drawn by the DFG’s Commission after three and a half year of work.

Statement on the current WHO Pandemic Agreement (July 2023)

In July 2023 the Interdisciplinary Commission for Pandemic Research emphasised the importance of free knowledge-driven research in relation to a pandemic agreement planned by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The statement underlines the importance of pandemic preparedness, but urges the exclusion of knowledge-driven research from the scope of application.

Statement on Strengthening Pandemic Preparedness (September 2022)

The DFG’s Interdisciplinary Commission for Pandemic Research has evaluated its findings and experience gained from the coronavirus pandemic from the beginning of 2020 to summer 2022. In a position paper now published, a total of 17 Lessons Learned identify where gaps remain in terms of knowledge and action as well as specifying measures required from the perspective of the sciences and humanities.

Statement on Long COVID (November 2021)

Long COVID syndrome resulting from COVID is a multidisciplinary challenge that spans the breadth of science and the humanities. Understanding the underlying pathomechanisms, developing potential therapies and investigating the consequences for individuals, society and the economy requires a wide range of research initiatives and formats.

Statement on health research data (October 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has made visible the poor health data situation in Germany that affects research activities. The DFG’s interdisciplinary Commission for Pandemic Research calls for data on health-related research to be made more readily available and more linkable.

Position paper on aerosols (July 2021)

The development of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown: aerosols contribute significantly to the occurrence of infection – and combating them can significantly reduce a resurgence of infection levels. This position paper summarises the findings on the spread of SARS-CoV-2 viruses by aerosols, aiming to contribute to more information security on a broadly coordinated expert basis and provide concrete advice on how to protect against infection.

Dossier on vaccination (January 2021)

After the start of the nationwide vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, there is considerable need for information in view of the significant uncertainty surrounding vaccination in large parts of the population. This dossier aims to provide independent and broad-based scientific answers to much-debated issues.