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Annual General Meeting 2022 Focus on international research cooperation

(29.06.22) The DFG’s 2022 Annual General Meeting in Freiburg concluded with the General Assembly. The three-day event was the first gathering to be held on an in-person basis since 2019. In view of the current global political situation, one major topic at the committee meetings and the festive function was international cooperation in science. The DFG Annual Report 2021 was also presented at the General Assembly. Interner Linkmore

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2022 Position paper on the role of the DFG in the German research system

(29.06.22) What does the DFG see as its role in the German research system and what tasks and perspectives does this give rise to? The Executive Committee issued a position paper on these issues which was recently presented at the General Assembly. It describes the organisation’s three key operating principles of “promote, access, shape” while also emphasising the DFG’s responsibility in ensuring knowledge-driven research and the further development of the research system. Interner Linkmore

Annual General Meeting 2022 A new Vice President for the DFG

(29.06.22) The DFG has a new Vice President: at its meeting as part of the DFG’s Annual General Meeting in Freiburg, the DFG’s General Assembly elected legal scholar Professor Dr. Marietta Auer to the Executive Committee of the largest research funding organisation and central self-governing body for science and the humanities in Germany. Interner Linkmore


Research Units "Artificial Intelligence"

The DFG is to fund eight new Research Units under its strategic funding initiative in the field of artificial intelligence. The new consortia will receive total funding of approximately €31.4 million, including a 22-percent programme allowance. The funding initiative seeks to boost AI research in a wide range of fields. Interner Linkmore

Research Units and Centres for Advanced Studies

The DFG is establishing seven new Research Units and two new Centres for Advanced Studies. The new Research Units will receive funding of around €38.4 million, including a 22-percent programme allowance. In addition the extension of six Research Units and one Centre for Advanced Studies was approved for a second funding period. Interner Linkmore

Europa Prize 2022

The DFG has awarded its Europa Prize to selected winners of the national Jugend forscht competition. They recently received the award at the Jugend forscht finals in Lübeck in addition to their national prize. The aim is to prepare the winners for the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in September.
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Russian Attack on Ukraine

DFG Takes Steps in Response to Russian Attack on Ukraine

Due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, the DFG is suspending all of its funded research projects between academics from Germany and Russia with immediate effect. What is more, funding proposals for new collaborative projects and renewal proposals for ongoing projects will not be accepted until further notice. Refugee researchers are to receive support under assistance programmes. Interner Linkmore

German-Russian Proposals and Cooperation Projects

As a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the DFG is suspending its German-Russian cooperation activities. The DFG is aware of the consequences
of these measures and at the same time deeply regrets them from the academic perspective. Following you will find information on how to deal with
German-Russian funding proposals and cooperation projects. Interner Linkmore

Further Information                                             

The DFG is continuously monitoring the developments and maintaining close contact with researchers as well as politicians. On this website, you find an overview of all publications by the DFG, including updates on the impact the Russian attack on Ukraine has on funding activities, as well as offers of support for refugees. Interner Linkmore

Individual Grants Programmes

Step by step through the DFG grant process: In our How-to-guide you find clearly information on individual funding, a programme comparison, a checklist, helpful tips and pointers. Interner Linkmore

Impacts of Covid 19

All updates and information for and about funded research projects related to the coronavirus pandemic: For applicants, reviewers, committee members and interested. Interner Linkmore

FAQs on submitting proposals to funding programmes

The FAQs were compiled to assist prospective applicants in submitting proposals to the DFG. They provide information on various DFG funding programmes and serve to complement existing guidelines and instructions. Interner Linkmore