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€72 MILLION FOR FIRST FUNDING PERIOD16 New Research Training Groups

(11.11.2019) The DFG is establishing 16 new Research Training Groups (RTGs). This was decided by the responsible Grants Committee in Bonn. In the initial funding period, the new RTGs will receive a total of around €72 million, including a 22 percent programme allowance for indirect project costs. One of the new groups is an International Research Training Group (IRTG) with partners in the UK. Interner Linkmore

TOTAL PACKAGE OF €90 MILLIONArtificial Intelligence: DFG Announces Strategic Funding Initiative

(07.10.19) The DFG has launched a strategic initiative in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Projects from all areas of AI research will be funded in various programmes throughout the coming years. Up to eight Research Units and 30 independent junior research groups will be funded as part of the initiative. Interner Linkmore

€32 Million for First Funding PeriodNew: Eight Research Units, One Clinical Research Unit and One Centre for
Advanced Studies

(20.09.19) The DFG is establishing eight Research Units, one Clinical Research Unit and one Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This decision was made by the DFG’s Joint Committee at the recommendation of the Senate in Bonn. The new collaborations will receive a total of approximately €32 million including a 22 percent programme allowance for indirect project costs. Interner Linkmore

SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCTDFG Imposes Sanctions Against Brain Researcher Niels Birbaumer and Research Associate

(19.09.19) The DFG has completed its investigation of research misconduct allegations against brain researcher Niels Birbaumer. At its meeting in Bonn, the Joint Committee found several instances of scientific misconduct by Birbaumer and his research associate, Ujwal Chaudhary, and imposed sanctions against both researchers in line with the DFG’s Rules of Procedure. Interner Linkmore


Final decisions in the Excellence StrategyTen Universities and One University Consortium of Excellence

Out of 19 applications, ten universities and one university consortium were selected to receive permanent institutional funding as well as the sought-after title as Universities of Excellence. Interner Linkmore

DFG Senate CommissionGuidelines: Between Animal Welfare and Scientific Quality

The DFG’s Senate Commission on Animal Protection and Experimentation calls on researchers to commit to animal welfare policies as an integral part of scientifically valid project design. The Commission has published guidelines for research projects. Interner Linkmore

"An Appeal to Reason"Shifting political culture threatens academic freedom

At a two-day event at Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles, scientists, including DFG Vice President Prof Dr Julika Griem and HRK President Prof Dr Peter-André Alt, discussed the political cultural shift towards populism and nationalism and the consequences it has for science. Interner Linkmore

FAQs on submitting proposals to funding programmes

The FAQs were compiled to assist prospective applicants in submitting proposals to the DFG. They provide information on various DFG funding programmes and serve to complement existing guidelines and instructions. Interner Linkmore