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Academic position paper Prevention of Coronavirus Infection through Aerosols

(27.07.21) An academic position paper has now been published that provides a summary of findings on the spread of SARS-CoV-2 viruses through aerosols. It aims to help contribute to a reliable information base that is broadly coordinated among specialists as well as offering concrete advice on how to guard against infection. Interner Linkmore


(08.07.21) The DFG’s annual press conference with President Katja Becker and Secretary General Heide Ahrens on 8 July focused on the annual meeting, which had concluded the day before, and current issues relating to research, the research system and research policy. Topics included the DFG’s activities in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, stimuli for the upcoming legislative period of the Bundestag and universities of applied sciences. The 2020 DFG Annual Report was also presented. Interner Linkmore

VIRTUAL ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2021 Four New Members of the DFG Senate

(07.07.21) The DFG General Assembly elected four new members to the Senate on 7 July. Five Senate members were confirmed for another term. Of the four newly filled Senate seats, two are in the humanities and social sciences and one each in the life sciences and natural sciences. Interner Linkmore

VIRTUAL ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2021 Four New Members of the DFG Executive Committee

(07.07.21) The DFG has four new Vice Presidents: on 7 July, the General Assembly elected experimental physicist Professor Dr. Karin Jacobs, empirical macrosociologist Professor Dr. Matthias Koenig, biochemist Professor Dr. Peter H. Seeberger and political scientist and former President of the Federal Constitutional Court Professor Dr. Andreas Voßkuhle to the DFG Executive Committee. Interner Linkmore


Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021Approve of Amendments to Statutes

The DFG General Assembly approved a set of amendments to the statutes on 7 July. The main changes include the addition of a preamble, a revision of the governance of the DFG and an adaptation of the language used, in particular with regard to gender equality.
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Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021DFG Research Centre Funded for Another Three Years

After two funding periods, the German Centre for iDiv will be funded for another three years. The three applicant universities of Leipzig, Jena and Halle-Wittenberg will therefore receive approxi-
mately €34 million from October 2021 onwards, plus a programme allowance of 22 percent. Interner Linkmore

Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021DFG to Fund 13 New Research Units

The new Research Units will receive total funding of approximately €47.4 million, including a 22-percent programme allowance for indirect project-related costs. It also decided that funding for nine Research Units was to be extended for a second period.
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FAQs on submitting proposals to funding programmes

The FAQs were compiled to assist prospective applicants in submitting proposals to the DFG. They provide information on various DFG funding programmes and serve to complement existing guidelines and instructions. Interner Linkmore