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Joint Proposal Submission with Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH)

Within the scope of D-A-CH collaboration, an agreement has been signed between the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and its partner organisations, the FWF (Austrian Science Fund, Austria) and the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland), regarding the mutual opening of the respective funding programmes ("Lead Agency" process) to simplify the execution of cross-border research projects.

Information about the Programme


Execution of a research project on a specific topic for a set period of time funded by individual grants programmes or the coordinated programmes of Research Units or Priority Programmes with partners from Switzerland and/or Austria.

Eligibility Requirements

Researchers in all disciplines at German research institutions who have completed research training (generally a doctorate) and their partners in Switzerland and/or Austria, who must be eligible to submit proposals to their respective national funding agencies.

Not eligible: Employees of institutions with purely commercial aims; employees of institutions which are not permitted to publish results in a generally accessible form.

Proposal Requirements

Projects must compete with purely national proposals. The research project must therefore offer high academic quality and originality at international level.

Bilateral and trilateral research projects in which a proportion of the research takes place in Germany, Austria and/or Switzerland are submitted to the lead agency in one of the three partner countries. Following approval, these D-A-CH projects are then funded separately by the relevant national funding organisations.

Type and Extent of Funding

The type and extent of funding for the German component of a project are fully based on the rules for research grants.

Funding Duration

Project-specific (normally a number of years)

Forms and Guidelines

Proposal Deadlines

If the DFG is the lead agency: Initial proposals: no submission deadline; renewal proposals: no later than 6 months prior to consumption of approved funds. Otherwise, refer to the proposal deadlines of the partner organisations.


If you have questions about the funding opportunities offered by the DFG and about subject-specific matters, please get in touch with the corresponding contact at Head Office.

Proposal submissions for individual grants, Research Units and Priority Programmes:

Proposal submissions for Collaborative Research Centres: