Proposal Submission with European Cooperation Partners (Weave Lead Agency Process)

The DFG and further research funding organisations in Europe have agreed to cooperate in reviewing and funding bilateral and trilateral cross-border research projects (Weave Lead Agency Process).


Realisation of a research project that is limited in time and scope through an individual research grant and in cooperation with foreign European partners.

Eligibility Requirements

Researchers of all disciplines from German research institutions who have completed research training (usually a doctorate) and their partners from other European countries, who must be eligible to apply for funding from the respective funding organisation in their country.

Not eligible for applying for a research grant from the DFG are: Members of organisations that are dedicated solely to commercial purposes; members of organisations that are not permitted to publish their results in a publicly accessible form.

Proposal Requirements

Weave aims at cooperative projects with closely integrated content, to which partners from all countries involved contribute scientifically in a substantial way.

The projects must compete with proposals submitted nationally. Research projects must therefore feature a high degree of scientific quality and originality at an internationally competitive level.

Proposals for bilateral and trilateral research projects with parts of the research conducted in Germany and in partner countries (with whose funding organisations the DFG cooperates in the context of Weave) are submitted to the Lead Agency in one of the partner countries. In any case, a proposal or respectively, a copy of the proposal, must also be submitted to the DFG. For more detailed information on the proposal formalities and the submission process, please refer to the “Supplementary Instructions for Proposals for Cross-Border Cooperation under the Weave Lead Agency Procedure (Weave LAP) [12/20]” (available at "Forms and Guidelines"). Please also consider our FAQs on Weave (to be found in the box at the top on the right).

If a project is approved, the different shares of the project are funded by the respective funding organisations in charge.

Type and Extent of Funding

The type and extent of funding for the German component of a project is based on the rules for research grants.

Funding Duration

Project-specific (up to 36 months)

Forms and Guidelines

Proposals can be submitted to the DFG at any time.

Some foreign funding organisations are working with application deadlines that must be observed. Please seek advice in this context at the respective funding agency.

General information about the Weave process:

Discipline-specific matters:

Please refer to the corresponding websites for information and contacts at the partner organisations (see Participating Foreign Funding Organisations above).

General information on the Weave initiative