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Further activities on the topic of pandemic research

In addition to the Commission’s statements on pandemic-related topics, individual members of the Commission regularly comment on current topics and scientific issues in the DFG’s print magazine forschung. What is more, an international conference was held in November 2021 entitled “Preparedness for Future Pandemics from a Global Perspective”.

Interview series in the DFG’s print magazine forschung

Interviews with members of the Pandemic Commission in the DFG magazine forschung, on topics such as blanket vaccine mandates, the importance of modelling, the connection between pandemics and education, the German healthcare system, moments of preparedness and loss of trust in politics.

International DFG Conference on Pandemic Research: “Preparedness for Future Pandemics from a Global Perspective”

Pandemic conference logo

In Search of Solutions for the Future

By organising its international, virtual scientific conference “Preparedness for Future Pandemics from a Global Perspective” on 15 November 2021, the Commission has actively contributed to the interdisciplinary networking of DFG-funded research projects.