Joint Proposal Submission with Researchers Abroad under a Standing Open Procedure (SOP)

In principle, researchers at a German institution in Germany and abroad can always submit a research project proposal (usually Individual Research Grants Programme ) with international participation if the appropriate co-financing is available. If the complementary funding by a foreign partner organisation is subject by an agreement with the DFG, there are two variants in terms of proposal submission: In addition to the funding opportunities specially negotiated with foreign partner organisations within the framework of calls for proposals with fixed deadlines for submission, certain partner organisations also offer the possibility of submitting a project with reciprocal financing for the foreign part of the project without a deadline (at any time) (so-called "Standing Open Procedure").

The SOP agreements currently concluded with research funding organisations abroad are differentiated according to two review models:

  • Review by both sides: The proposal, which is usually written jointly, is submitted separately at the same time in accordance with the applicable regulations of each funding organisation. The review process is carried out separately on each side. The funding organisations make the funding decision on their own based on these reports. The research project applied for can only be funded if both organisations agree to the funding.
  • Review using the lead agency procedure: The jointly written proposal is submitted to the organisation acting as the lead agency (which organisation acts as lead agency varies according to the agreement). The lead agency carries out the review process according to its own rules and forwards the results to the other funding organisation involved. Funding decisions are made based on these reports – separately in each case. The research project applied for can only be funded if both organisations agree to the funding.

There is currently an SOP agreement with two-sided review with funding institutions in the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • Iran
  • Colombia
  • Turkey
  • USA
  • Vietnam

There is currently an SOP agreement in the Lead Agency Procedure with the following countries: