Junior Professor Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek - Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Prizewinner 2023

Art History, University of Greifswald

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek

© Isabelle Dolezalek, Foto: Maria Herzog

Isabelle Dolezalek is a researcher whose work has expanded the field of art history to include the global art history of the Middle Ages. In her dissertation “Arabic Script on Christian Kings”, for example, she provides fundamental new insights into the political, religious and cultural relations in a Middle Ages which is seen as having no national categories or divisions such as “East” and “West“. Dolezalek draws attention to what at first seems to be a minor detail: the Arabic characters on robes worn at the Sicilian court. Via which trade routes and cultural pathways did they get there? Starting from this question, she deciphers the complex political power constellations within which the Sicilian court struggled for its independence. In her more recent projects, Dolezalek has also succeeded in combining work at the university and in museums so as to derive maximum benefits for research as well as for contemporary presentation and communication concepts.

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