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Equipment in DFG Programmes

The DFG provides funding for scientific instrumentation that is essential to carry out special research projects and is not included in the core support available at the respective institute. Each year, the DFG receives several hundred proposals for research grants that include equipment requests. In addition to demonstrating the scientific necessity of the item in question, the applicant must ensure that the institution is willing and prepared to create the necessary conditions for installation and operation of the equipment. Within this framework, there is no programme that enables applicants to request equipment only.

Major Instrumentation in Research Grant Proposals

In conjunction with its research grants, the DFG defines equipment with a gross purchase price of € 50,000 or higher as major instrumentation. Proposals that include such instrumentation pass through the standard review process used in the relevant funding programme. If assessed favourably, the proposals are then discussed by the Committee on Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology regarding the methodological and technical aspects of the equipment. The final decision is made by the DFG's Joint Committee.


Purchasing of Research Equipment

All equipment purchase orders exceeding € 10,000 are issued by the DFG's Central Purchasing Office in conjunction with the applicant. The equipment is either provided on loan to the researcher or ownership is transferred to the academic institution for the purpose of carrying out the researcher's project. Researchers may take the equipment with them when changing affiliations.


Repair of Equipment on Loan

Researchers who obtain equipment on loan may additionally apply for funding to pay for major repairs which are not considered part of the routine maintenance costs. Proposals must be approved before the repair work can be commissioned. Smaller repairs may be funded by redirecting research grants, subject to prior approval by the DFG. Approval is not required for repairs costing less than € 600.


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