Other Funding Programmes

Funding for roundtable discussions

Roundtable discussions can be funded in all funding areas of the “Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology” division; for example, for strategic planning and national cooperations in the form of self-organisation processes for the communities and for the further development of funding measures.

Funding for instrumentation technology-related networks

Networks provide researchers with an opportunity for multi-location exchanges on an instrumentation-related subject of their choosing. The focus for the content of the exchange must be on the technological aspect of the instrumentation in question. The result should be the generation of impetus for improved application and further development of instrumentation methods.

Funding can cover expenses such as travel and maintenance costs for work meetings of network members as well as other costs, for instance coordination support.

Further Information

Further information on these two funding programmes can be obtained from the contact person for the relevant subject area at the Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology division.