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Facts and Figures

The DFG currently funds 276 Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) with a total of €828 million (incl. programme allowances) for 2022 (figures as of 1 July 2022). This accounts for approximately 24% of the DFG’s total budget.

191 of these Centres are primarily based at single universities, whereas 85 CRC/Transregio are mainly based at up to three universities. Nine new Collaborative Research Centres have been established, among them two new CRC/Transregios.

Of the 276 Collaborative Research Centres currently running, 35 (12.7 %) are located in the field of humanities and social sciences, 47 (17 %) in engineering sciences, 80 (29 %) in the natural sciences and 114 (41.3 %) in the life sciences.

Diagram: Collaborative Research Centres

As of 1 July 2022