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Knowledge Transfer

Trilateral Transfer Projects

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Fraunhofer Society, are strengthening cooperation in the area of knowledge transfer and will publish one joint call for proposals for transfer projects per year. Interner Linkmehr

The term 'knowledge transfer' refers to a transfer of knowledge between research and industry or the general public.

The idea: From technology transfer to knowledge transfer

As a major research funding organisation, the DFG has the unique potential to facilitate the application of a wide range of knowledge generated through basic research.

This knowledge could be very useful to industry and society.

Knowledge transfer is therefore an important activity for the DFG, and the organisation funds the transfer of knowledge between research and practice across all disciplines.

The goal: Innovation and mutual benefit

The DFG hopes that transfer funding will have a double effect, encouraging more economic and social innovation while enabling collaborative projects to stimulate new research questions and therefore further basic research.

Researchers working on transfer projects have the opportunity to take their research findings a step further and put them to practical use by working with non-academic partners (application partners) in a pre-competitive context. Knowledge transfer may take many different forms.

Further Information


Please send general enquiries about funding for transfer projects to: