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Promoting Equal Opportunity

Logo: Promoting Equal Opportunity

The DFG is actively committed to equal opportunity and the equality of women and men in the German research system. The promotion of “equality between men and women in the scientific and academic communities” has been anchored in Section 1 of the DFG’s statutes since 2002.

The aims of the DFG’s equal opportunity work – to achieve a gender balance in the research system and to make a scientific career compatible with family commitments – promote equal opportunity and excellence in the research system. These aims also make Germany more attractive as a place to research, particularly for highly qualified early career researchers.

Basics of Equal Opportunities Work

Why the topic of equal opportunity is important to the DFG and how it is promoted. Interner Linkmore

Measures in Funding Programmes

What options are offered in DFG funding programmes and what are their objectives. Interner Linkmore

Information for Reviewers

What equal opportunity means in the review and consultation process. Interner Linkmore

Research-Oriented Standards

How the DFG aims to make equal opportunity a reality for the benefit of research. Interner Linkmore

Monitoring Equal Opportunity

Trends in the number of female researchers and female grant applicants. Interner Linkmore

Press Releases on Equal Opportunity

Why equal opportunity is so important and necessary to research. Interner Linkmore

Screenshot of the virtual conference hall

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion After Corona: Quo Vadis?

At the 21st Gender Summit from 14 to 16 April, international representatives from the areas of academia, research funding and politics engaged in a virtual discussion on gender equality, diversity and inclusion and their importance to excellence in science and research. Another focus was the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Interner Linkmore

Gender Summit

Since 2011, the Gender Summit has served as a platform for dialogue on gender equality and diversity in science and research at different locations around the world. More than 5 000 participants from over 50 countries have already taken part. The Gender Summit is organised by the London and Passau-based non-governmental organisation Portia Ltd. Externer Linkmore


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