Call for Proposals: “Fresh Momentum for Diamond Open Access”

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is stepping up its long-standing activities to support open-access publishing that is free of charge for authors (“Diamond Open Access”) by putting out a new call for proposals.

Due to its non-commercial concept, the Diamond model offers considerable potential for the further development of publishing that is geared towards the interests of science and scholarship. The fact that there are no fees enables equal access to publications. Last but not least, a publication system based on the Diamond model helps reduce publication costs.

The call for proposals seeks to boost the performance capacity of Diamond Open Access infrastructures operating in Germany. Specifically, it aims to establish a national Service Centre for Diamond Open Access which will provide fundamental technical and organisational services, offer advisory services and contribute to the subject-specific and international networking and coordination of decentralised Diamond Open Access offerings.

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