Funded Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Groups in the Field of Artificial Intelligence Methods


Funded projects in alphabetical order according to name of grantee:

  • "Harmonic Artificial Intelligence based on Linear Operators"
    Dr. Felix Dietrich
  • "Robust Computer Vision through Neural Analysis-by-Synthesis with 3D-aware Compositional Network Architectures"
    Dr. Adam Kortylewski
  • "Graph Embeddings: Theory meets Practice"
    Dr. Christopher Morris
  • "Trustworthy Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Agent Systems: Foundations of Robust and Accountable Decision Making"
    Dr. Goran Radanovic
  • "Efficient Learning for Transferable Robot Autonomy in Human-Centered Environments"
    Prof. Dr. Abhinav Valada
  • "Foundations of Lifelong Reinforcement Learning"
    Dr. Claire Vernade


Funded projects in alphabetical order according to name of grantee:

  • „Eidetic Representations of Natural Language“
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alan Akbik
  • „Resource-Efficient Bayesian Machine Learning“
    Prof. Dr. Robert Bamler
  • „Strong response consistency for more robust, disentangled and generalizable machine vision“
    Dr. Wieland Brendel
  • „Robot Learning of Mobile Manipulation for Intelligent Assistance“
    Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki Ph.D.
  • „Motion Coordination for Heterogeneous Aerial Swarms in Congested Environments“
    Wolfgang Hönig Ph.D.
  • „Intuitive Robot Intelligence: Efficiently Learning and Improving of Explainable Skills and Behaviors for Intuitive Human-Robot Interaction.“
    Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Lioutikov
  • „Decision-making under uncertainty: including prior knowledge from physics“
    Dr. Michael Mühlebach
  • „Approximation Algorithms for Geometric Data Analysis and Their Practicability“
    Prof. Dr. Melanie Schmidt
  • “Stability and Solvability in Deep Learning”
    Prof. Dr. Felix Voigtlaender