Evaluation of Transfer Projects in Collaborative Research Centres

Cover Studie: Evaluation der Transferprojekte in Sonderforschungsbereichen

The study "Transferprojekte in Sonderforschungsbereichen" provides an empirical basis for evaluating factors relating to the proposal process, project work and results within this programme module for Collaborative Research Centres.

The report seeks to answer key questions such as: Which universities and application partners are involved in the programme? How does collaboration work in practice? What scientific and practical benefits do project team members expect to achieve? What results have been observed so far?

The study uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches. In addition to statistical evaluations and documentary analyses, the authors make use of online surveys and interviews with researchers and application partners.

The study's authors are Martin Berger, Susanne Meyer, Michael Dinges and Helmut Gassler from Joanneum Research.