Report on Funded Staff Positions for Early Career Researchers

Developments from 2014 to 2018

Cover: Förderung von Projektstellen für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs - Entwicklung 2014-2018

The report "Funding of Staff Positions for Early Career Researchers" presents detailed statistical data on the number and nature of doctoral and postdoctoral posts as well as their direct and indirect DFG funding.

It shows that just under two thirds of the DFG project funds approved in 2018 are used to finance research staff posts. In 2018, funding was therefore provided for projects offering jobs for approximately 27,000 doctoral and 12,000 postdoctoral researchers (total funding amount: €1.5 billion). The report's findings also show that today, the DFG is funding better-paid doctoral posts compared with 2014. Today, many more of these jobs are being approved on a part-time basis than in 2014.

According to calculations by the DFG, close to one in five research positions at German universities below professorship level is funded by the DFG. The report "Funding of Staff Positions for Early Career Researchers – Development 2014 - 2018" provides important additional information that supplements the currently available official figures and the recently amended statistics on doctoral researchers published by the Federal Statistical Office.