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von Kaven Award

The von Kaven Award is presented each year to an outstanding EU-based mathematician.

The von Kaven Foundation was established in December 2004 by its benefactor, Mr. Herbert von Kaven, of Detmold, Germany, and the DFG’s Executive Board. The Foundation operates as an unincorporated entity managed by the DFG, and its aims are realised through the bestowal of the von Kaven Award.

The recipient of the von Kaven Award is selected in accordance with the Foundation’s statutes by the DFG’s Mathematics Review Board during its annual meeting. Candidates cannot apply directly for the von Kaven Award. Provided that no other suitable nominations are submitted, the von Kaven Award is presented to the previous year’s best-performing mathematical researcher in the Heisenberg Programme. Mathematicians may be nominated for the prize by the members of the Mathematics Review Board, its previous chairpersons, and members of the DFG committees in the field of mathematics (members of the Senate and the Senate Committees working in mathematics).

Prizewinners and award ceremonies

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