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The DFG Office in Latin America

Over the last few decades, Latin America has become increasingly important as a location for research. During this time there has been a significant increase in research cooperation between Germany and various countries in the region.

Since 2006, the DFG has also been working with Liaison Scientists in Latin America. The DFG Office Latin America is currently being supported by one Liaison Scientist in Chile and one in Mexico. To strengthen relations with research institutions and funding organisations in Latin American countries, build closer contacts with researchers and improve networking between the local scientific community and that in Germany, the DFG Office Latin America was established in São Paulo in 2011.

The office has been based at the German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH) in São Paulo since 2012. It serves as a central point of contact to the DFG for researchers in Latin America, research institutions, funding organisations, and universities which are interested in cooperating with German researchers or in enabling their staff to make research visits to Germany.

Websites in Spanish and Portuguese

The DFG Office Latin America now offers comprehensive information about the DFG and its programmes in Spanish and Portuguese.


Speakers at the workshop in São Carlos

DFG Outlines Funding Opportunities at USP

On 16 May, researchers had the opportunity to learn more about research and funding opportunities in Germany. The event was organised by the German Academic Exchange Service. Interner Linkmore

Representatives of Colombian and German institutions met in Bogotá

Meeting Between Germany and Colombia

Representatives of Colombian and German institutions gathered in Bogotá for a third meeting as part of the scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries. Interner Linkmore

Colombian researchers interested in doctoral or postdoctoral research attended the workshop in Bogotá

Scientific Cooperation with Colombia

On 9 May, a workshop was held in Bogotá to enable Colombian researchers to learn about opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral research in Germany. Interner Linkmore

Upcoming Events

Visitors watch the documentary film on Serra da Capivara

Visitors watch the documentary film on Serra da Capivara

© Guilherme Leporace/Museu do Amanhã

Serra da Capivara Photographic Exhibition

After visiting Germany, Rio de Janeiro and Maceió, the DFG photo exhibition is now on show at Sesc Distrito Federal.

Further Information

Aims and Responsibilities

The DFG Office Latin America

  • serves as a point of contact for researchers, research institutions and funding organisations throughout Latin America who are interested in cooperating with German partners
  • offers researchers information and advice on research opportunities in Germany as well as international cooperation opportunities and funding programmes offered by the DFG
  • maintains and develops strategic partnerships with Latin American funding organisations and works with them to develop funding instruments for international cooperation
  • organises, supports and participates in events such as seminars, workshops and conferences with the aim of initiating new collaborations and strengthening existing ones
  • supports dialogue and the sharing of experiences between researchers and institutions in Latin America and Germany
  • supports early career researchers through individual advice, information events and scientific events together with major German funding organisations and research institutions
  • monitors science policy in Latin American countries

Partner Organizations

In Latin America, the DFG has cooperation agreements with various funding organisations for financing bilateral projects. Joint funding opportunities are developed in close collaboration with local partners, usually based on the principle of co-financing. This means that the DFG bears the project costs on the German side while the partner organisation is responsible for funding the researchers in Latin America. The financial commitments entered into on both sides ensure that the participating researchers on both continents can cooperate under similar conditions and on an equal footing, and commit themselves to the success of the project.

Joint project proposals are submitted simultaneously to the DFG and the relevant partner organisation. Depending on the agreement, either calls for proposals are published with a deadline or a continuous process is used whereby proposals can be submitted at any time.

Liaison Scientists

The area for which the DFG Office Latin America is responsible extends across an entire continent. To help manage this large geographical area, the office in São Paulo is supported by two Liaison Scientists in Chile and Mexico. These individuals serve as points of contact and support DFG activities in the countries where they are based.

The role of a Liaison Scientist includes:

  • Representing the DFG at local events and meetings
  • Advising the scientific community, research institutions and funding organisations on DFG funding programmes and opportunities for cooperation
  • Maintaining and nurturing contacts with partner organisations in the relevant countries
  • Identifying excellent research groups and promising early career researchers
  • Reporting on the local science policy situation
  • Supporting the activities of the office in São Paulo


DFG Office Latin America

Head Office