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The DFG Office in Latin America

The DFG Office in São Paulo serves as an administrative branch and point of contact for advising and mentoring local researchers and research institutes. It already boasts a strong regional network of partner organisations.

This cooperation between institutions facilitates the initiation and execution of joint and co-funded research projects in all scientific fields.

Websites in Spanish and Portuguese

The DFG Office Latin America now offers comprehensive information about the DFG and its programmes in Spanish and Portuguese.


Participants at the meeting of Latin American alumni of the International Deans Course (IDC)

Deans of Latin American Universities Meet in Lima

Universities all over the world are facing new challenges as a result of recent global changes, which include demographic factors, technological advancements and political change. Interner Linkmore

Daladier Molinares (Uninorte, International Cooperation Officer); Joachim Hahn (Uninorte, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs); Dr. Adolfo Meisel (Uninorte, Rector); Kathrin Winkler (Head of DFG Latin America Office); Maxi Neidhardt (DFG Latin America O

Cátedra Europa Strengthens German-Colombian Relations

This year, Germany was the host country of Cátedra Europa, an annual congress organised by North University in Barranquilla, which was attended by students and researchers. Interner Linkmore

Dietrich Halm (DFG), Anderson Correia (CAPES), Kathrin Winkler (DFG) and Concepta Pimentel (CAPES) in Brasília

DFG and Partner Organisations meet in Brasília

Three months after new presidents took office at DFG partner organisations CAPES and CNPq, representatives of the DFG attended meetings on 14 and 15 March in Brasília. Interner Linkmore

Upcoming Events



COLMEX Summer School

The El Colegio de Mexico will held an International Summer School, which will be taught in English and focuses on the study of Mexican and Latin American realities as approached by the faculty at COLMEX. Application deadline: April 12th.

Further Information


Latin America’s scientific potential is constantly growing, and the region is becoming increasingly significant for science. Interest in cooperation with research partners in this region is growing considerably among German researchers. This applies particularly to the countries of Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Columbia, whose scientific systems are very advanced.

São Paulo is an important research and economic location, and the 2011 establishment of the DFG’s Latin American office there under the auspices of the DWIH (German House of Science and Innovation) will enable its strategic development to be effectively expanded and developed further.

The cooperation between partner organisations facilitates the initiation and execution of joint and co-funded research projects in all scientific fields.

Partner Organizations







Liaison Scientists

The DFG has been cooperating with liaison scientists in Latin America since mid-2006. Brazil and Chile show the greatest potential in Latin America for research and cooperation with the DFG. Interner Linkmore


Office Latin America

  • Dr. Kathrin Winkler
    c/o German House of Science and Innovation
    R. Verbo Divino, 1488
    CEP: 04719-904 São Paulo – SP, Brazil
    Phone: +55 11 5189 8308
    Phone DFG Bonn: +49 228 885 4550
    Fax: +55 11 5189 8309
  • Laura Redondo de Campos
    Link auf E-Maillatinamerica@dfg.de

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