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History of the DFG

The history of the DFG extends back over almost 100 years. Its predecessor was the Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft. From the very beginning, its work has focused decisively on funding and supporting excellent research. Today, the DFG stands for a proven system of self-governed research funding in Germany that enjoys a high degree of national and international recognition.

The history of the DFG also shows to what extent science and research policy have to be seen in the context of historical, social and political circumstances.

The history of the Notgemeinschaft

The predecessor to the DFG in brief: From its origins in “times of need” through the period of inflation up to the Pamir expedition in 1928. Interner Linkmore

The National Socialist Era

From naming through self-mobilisation and Aryanisation to the funding of “research critical to the war” – but also to a critical reappraisal. Interner Linkmore

The buildings of the DFG Head Office

The Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft had its headquarters in Berlin. Since 1949, the DFG has been based in Bonn/Bad Godesberg. Interner Linkmore