DFG Funding Past and Present

The DFG statutes describe the organisation’s core task as the merit-based selection and financing of the best research proposals submitted by researchers at universities and research institutes. In keeping with the DFG’s concept of its role as a self-governing organisation, any eligible researcher may submit a funding proposal at any time and on any research topic. The DFG’s task of funding the self-determined development of science has, however, always included an obligation to further progress—and, thus, a funding strategy. While this strategy has always been subject to the same principles (consistent adherence to scientific standards and cooperation with the scientific community), its aims have become considerably more complex.

These pages provide an overview of the DFG’s current funding strategy and its development. They also trace the development of the current funding programmes since the DFG’s establishment in its present form.

Further Information

An overview of all the DFG programmes is available in the Funding section