Dr.-Ing. Xenia Molodova Programme Director

Engineering Sciences 1
E-mail: Xenia.Molodova@dfg.de Telephone: +49 (228) 885-2374 Telefax: +49 (228) 885-713320

Kennedyallee 40
53175 Bonn

Scientific Areas of Responsibility

Main Contact
4.11-03 Joining and Separation Technology
4.51-03 Construction Material Sciences, Chemistry, Building Physics
Deputy Contact
4.11-04 Plastics Engineering
4.51-02 Urbanism, Spatial Planning, Transportation and Infrastructure Planning, Landscape Planning
4.51-04 Structural Engineering, Building Informatics and Construction Operation

Coordinated Programmes (scientific matters)

2379 Hierarchical and Hybrid Approaches in Modern Inverse Problems
2657 Computational Mechanics Techniques in High Dimensions