UAS Networking Event with Researchers from Taiwan

Virtual matchmaking event of the DFG initiative UDIF-HAW

On 28 July 2022, the virtual event Networking for Research – German Universities of Applied Sciences & Researchers in Taiwan was held as a further item in the ongoing series of theme-based matchmaking events with universities of applied sciences (UAS). The DFG initiative “Networking for Research – Universities of Applied Sciences and Researchers Worldwide” (UDIF-HAW) seeks to reach out to UAS whose application-oriented research is highly regarded in an international context.

Around 40 researchers from German UAS and universities in Taiwan came together on 28 July 2023 for a virtual exchange on their research priorities and ideas in the thematic areas “Net zero – negative carbon emission in technologies and sustainable development in industry”, “Electric vehicles – advanced vehicle technologies, innovative energy grid integration and energy storage optimisation” and “Green semiconductors – sustainable and energy-efficient processes, technologies and new materials”.

The aim of the events within the framework of the UDIF-HAW initiative is to explore potential collaborative projects. The thematic areas are deliberately designed to be interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.

The matchmaking events within the UDIF-HAW initiative are part of the DFG’s package of measures addressed at universities of applied sciences that are interested in international research collaborations or already involved in collaborative research with partners abroad and would like to expand these.