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Communicator Award

The DFG and the Stifterverband (Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany) have been presenting the Communicator Award to researchers since 2000 in recognition of outstanding achievements in science communication.

Information about the Programme

Type of Award

Annually conferred personal award

Purpose of Funding

The award acknowledges a researcher’s commitment to making their work and research area accessible to a wider audience in a particularly innovative, diverse and effective way and engaging in a dialogue between the research community and the public. The Donors' Association and the DFG have adapted the substantive profile of the award to modern requirements in the 2020 announcement. Researchers who are particularly creative in their science communication, taking new, courageous paths and addressing their target groups in suitable and effective ways, now take centre stage.

Number and value of awards

One award of €50,000 funded by the Donors’ Association. The award can be presented to individual researchers or small research teams from all fields of research who work at universities and research institutions in Germany.

Persons entitled to put forward nominations

Researchers may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. Researchers who are employed at universities and research institutions in Germany may nominate themselves. Nominations may be put forward by leaders of universities and research institutions and by previous Communicator Award recipients.

Selection criteria

When selecting the prizewinners, the jury recognises the following achievements:

  • They break new ground in communication and develop innovative and courageous projects and formats (conceptual framework).
  • They pursue identifiable objectives in their communication and address their target groups in a suitable manner (target group orientation).
  • They make their research work and findings accessible to non-scientific target groups and engage in public debates (social relevance).
  • They lead the way in science communication by motivating and involving younger researchers (role models and drivers).
  • They work together with other actors and create networks to achieve their communication objectives (cooperation).
  • They have achieved something identifiable with their communication (monitoring).

Selection of recipients

The winner is chosen by a jury of science journalists and communication experts chaired by a member of the Executive Committee of the DFG. Once the jury has reached a decision, the DFG informs the Donors' Association of the prizewinner. The DFG and the Donors' Association jointly present the award.

Nomination Deadlines

Nominations, including self-nominations, for the following year's award may be submitted to the German Research Foundation by the deadlines specified in the current call for nominations.

  • Current Call for Nominations


The nomination must include meaningful documents about the nominee’s communication work and illustrate a representative sample of their activities.

Nominations must be submitted electronically, for example by e-mail or on data media. For large volumes of data, nominations may be submitted via the DFG’s file transfer server. Individual login details will be provided on request. Nominations and relevant documents may also be sent by post.

Each nomination must also be accompanied by a curriculum vitae; please do NOT include bibliographies of scientific or academic publications.

Important note: If a researcher is nominated by someone else, it is important to ensure that the nominee(s) are informed and that the necessary documents for the nomination are submitted. The DFG does not do this on anyone’s behalf.


For further information on the Communicator-Award please contact: