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International Scientific Events

The DFG provides funding to conduct scientific events in Germany.

Such events include international congresses, symposia, colloquia and workshops, international scientific conferences, annual meetings, and bilateral events.

Information about the Programme


To support the organisation of scientific events.

Eligibility Requirements

Researchers responsible for organising the event.

Proposal Requirements

  • International specialist conferences: Integrative lecture event with a specific topic and focus on a European audience; a variant of the Gordon Conference
  • International congress, symposium, colloquia, workshop: International scientific event of particular significance for a specific subject area with a large number of participants from both Germany and abroad; held in a different country each year
  • Annual meeting: A regularly recurring meeting of a German specialist society, working group or specialist group; event of national significance with a clearly defined topic and international participation

Type and Extent of Funding

  • International specialist conferences: Funding can be provided to cover expenses remaining after all other financing opportunities have been exhausted.
  • International congress, symposium, colloquia, workshop: Lump sum, varies according to the number of researchers participating
  • Annual meeting: Allowances for travel expenses (travel and maintenance costs) for active participants from abroad

Cost Elements

  • Staff costs, room rental (including utilities), instrumentation and equipment, printed materials, office supplies, postage costs, travel allowance (travel and accommodation costs)
  • For annual meetings: funding is provided only for travel expenses (rail or air) for roundtrip travel to the meeting, as well as maintenance costs for each day of the event

Time to Decision

On average: 6 months.

Forms and Guidelines

Proposal Deadlines

Generally 6 months before the event begins. Special regulation for annual meetings: proposals can only be supported every second year.

Programme Contacts

For additional information please contact: