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AWBI (Committee on Scientific Library Services and Information Systems)

The Committee on Scientific Library Services and Information Systems (AWBI) is a sub-committee of the Joint Committee which advises the DFG on all projects and initiatives to develop and promote the provision of scientific information. The committee is made up of five researchers and nine representatives of scientific information centres.

The AWBI discusses current challenges affecting scientific information infrastructures, responds to new developments and identifies areas requiring development or further development through targeted funding initiatives. The committee's strategic proposals are set out in the strategy paper approved by the DFG Senate in July 2012, "Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level: The Contribution of the DFG to an Innovative Information Infrastructure for Research". The paper outlines the areas in which the DFG has identified a particular need for funding over the coming years. All proposed measures are designed to optimise access to scientifically relevant information, research data and work and communication platforms, and make this access as open as possible. They are based on the DFG's commitment to the Open Access paradigm.

The AWBI also plays an advisory role with respect to the DFG's national and international partnerships in the field of information infrastructure. These include the Digital Information Initiative of the Alliance of German Science Organisations and the DFG's membership of the Knowledge Exchange network and Science Europe.

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