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Principles of DFG Funding

DFG funding activities are frequently influenced by specific topics of special interest. This ranges from continually engaging with issues of good scientific practice and action areas developing out of new methods and possibilities, such as the digital transformation in research, to issues of security-relevant research.

Good Scientific      Practice

How self-monitoring in the scientific and academic community counters misconduct. Interner Linkmore

Security-Relevant Research

Scientific research needs freedom, and freedom entails responsibility. Interner Linkmore

Supporting Knowledge Transfer

Enabling the results of basic research to be put to use in industry and society. Interner Linkmore

Promoting Equal Opportunity

How the DFG works to support gender equality in science and academia. Interner Linkmore

Diversity in the Research System

Excellent research requires diversity and originality, objectives fostered by the DFG. Interner Linkmore

Diversity Dimensions in Research

Why sex, gender and diversity can be relevant in research projects. Interner Linkmore

Digital Turn in the Sciences and Humanities

The DFG actively monitors and supports change processes in research practice. Interner Linkmore