Funding Focus: Themes

This category consists of funding instruments that centre on the primary theme of a research project as specified in a work programme that is clearly structured in terms of research content, duration and personnel. These projects may be proposed in different formats:

  • Individual research projects
  • Joint projects with multiple project leaders
  • Package proposals consisting of any number of individual or joint projects
  • Projects within thematically defined Priority Programmes

A group of thematically linked projects (Research Units)

The funding request must be justified in the details of the proposed work programme. When proposals are evaluated, the main focus is on the research question, the anticipated knowledge gain and the project plan.

  • Individual Research Grants
    Research grants enable individuals who have completed their academic training to conduct at any time research projects with clearly defined topics and durations, regardless of the subject.
  • Reinhart Koselleck Projects
    This programme enables outstanding researchers with a proven scientific track record to pursue exceptionally innovative, higher-risk projects.
  • Package Proposals
  • Research Units
    A Research Unit is made up of a team of researchers working together on a research project which, in terms of thematic focus, duration and finances, extends beyond the funding options available under the Individual Grants Programme or Priority Programme.
  • Clinical Research Units
    Clinical Research Units provide outstanding researchers the opportunity to carry out close, medium-term cooperation in a special research project from the field of disease or patient-oriented clinical research.
  • Clinical Trials
    The Clinical Trials Programme enables individuals who have completed their academic training to conduct at any time patient-oriented clinical research within a temporary project. The programme provides funding for interventional clinical studies, including feasibility studies (phase II) and interventional trials (phase III). The programme also funds observational trials, provided that the study investigates a highly relevant research question that cannot demonstrably be answered using an interventional design.
  • Projects in Priority Programmes
    A particular feature of the Priority Programme is the nationwide collaboration between its participating researchers.