Long-Term Projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) uses the term ‘long-term project’ to refer to research projects in the humanities and social sciences that require continuous funding for at least 7 years and a maximum of 12 years (possible examples being editions, corpora, archaeological excavations, and social or behavioural longitudinal studies). To be recognised as a long-term project, a project must be characterised by its central scholarly importance, thorough preparation and planning, and professional management.

Purpose of Funding

Conducting research projects of particular academic importance, over an extended period of time, that offer benefits extending beyond a single subject area as a result of the often infrastructural character of the projects. Long-term projects may consist of different modules. The choice of modules will depend on subject-related factors and may vary according to the research question, the disciplines involved and the desired infrastructural aspect.

Eligibility Requirements

The requirements for research grants apply.

Proposal Requirements

The academic quality and originality of the research project at the international level, with special consideration of its long-term character.

Proposal Modules:

Funding Duration

Minimum of 7 and maximum of 12 years; initial proposal is for a maximum of 3 years

Forms and Guidelines

New proposals: There are no submission deadlines; proposals may be submitted at any time. The Interdisciplinary Long-Term Projects Section normally convenes twice a year (in spring and autumn) to discuss the addition of new projects to the long-term programme.

Renewal proposals: If possible, at least 6 months before the approved funds are used up, following consultation with the DFG staff responsible for the relevant subject area

Responsibility for long-term projects and for advising project leaders and interested researchers lies with the programme directors of the relevant subject area.

Questions not related to a specific project and concerning the decision-making process and general aspects of long-term projects or the relationship of the DFG’s funding for long-term projects to that of the academy programme (coordinated by the Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities) can be addressed to the coordinators for long-term funding:

Humanities and Cultural Studies:

Social and Behavioural Sciences:

Contact for administrative queries: