Science Communication in Collaborative Research Centres

Collaborative Research Centres which want to engage in dialogue with the non-academic public on their research questions, working methods and findings can implement communication measures as part of the central administration project or as a standalone science communication project.

Communication measures in the central administration project

Smaller individual measures in science communication are covered by the lump sum requested and approved in the central administration project. This applies, for example, to standard PR activities such as the design of a website, the participation of the CRC in long nights of science or in Girls'/Boys' Days at universities.

PR project

Larger-scale, long-term undertakings in science communication and PR, organised in the form of a project, are proposed and carried out as part of a science communication project. Such undertakings might include hands-on labs, schools labs, major exhibition projects, or the design and implementation of virtual environments for the purpose of science communication.

Proposals for a science communication project can be submitted for a single CRC or jointly for multiple CRCs in an establishment proposal or renewal proposal. In justified cases it is also possible to submit an additional proposal for the science communication project during a funding period.

Guidelines for proposing a science communication project – including additional proposals – can be found in the proposal templates for Collaborative Research Centres and CRC/Transregios.


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