Information Management in Collaborative Research Centres

The management of an individual CRC’s data should be supported through the development and implementation of a data management strategy, as well as through an appropriate and efficient information infrastructure.

Objectives and Content

The primary objective of this project is to systematically manage the data collected within the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre over the long run. Drawing on virtual forms of academic communication is also possible. Projects relating to information infrastructure should tie in with one or more of the following goals: A database should be set up to store research data (primary data) collected within the Collaborative Research Centre, including the assignment of metadata and the maintenance and indexing of research data. Virtual research environments serve as platforms for internet-based collaborative work processes and facilitate both new forms of cooperation in CRCs and new ways of handling research data and information. They also provide a central point of entry to the various specialised resources, data and documents, as well as the necessary prerequisites for the contextual linking of information units.

Cooperation and Long-Term Archiving

It is expected that the data is professionally managed. To this end, systematic cooperation with information facilities (such as libraries and data centres) must be ensured. Furthermore, it should be guaranteed that the information collected remains accessible (through long-term archiving) beyond the ultimate funding period.

Funding and Applications

Information on submitting proposals for information infrastructure projects is contained in the sample proposals for Collaborative Research Centres and CRC/Transregios.


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