Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE)

As part of the DFG’s cooperation with the DAAD in the RISE programme, doctoral researchers at Collaborative Research Centres may invite research fellows from North America and Great Britain to their institutions for mentoring purposes.

The RISE programme provides the opportunity to intensify transatlantic collaboration in research through the promotion of young researchers.The programme promotes the temporary integration of American, British and Canadian students into dissertation projects at German higher education institutions. Although this exchange programme is aimed primarily at those studying in the life sciences, natural sciences or engineering, students from other disciplines may also take part if their dissertation projects have an appropriate scientific connection.Research fellows are given the opportunity to spend six to twelve weeks working with local doctoral researchers who share their research fields.

The research fellows experience life in Germany and receive insights into the research opportunities provided by German higher education institutions. The host doctoral researchers in Germany benefit from additional support with their dissertation projects. In addition, the guidance provided by the hosts to the research fellows adds a valuable dimension to their doctoral training.

German doctoral researchers can register to participate in the programme via the DAAD’s website in late summer of each year, submitting their applications and project descriptions directly through the website. Once the application phase for students has closed, the doctoral researchers rate the applicants. The resulting ranking forms the basis for the final DAAD selection process.

The DAAD covers the costs of health and accident insurance, work permit exemption and participation in a three-day fellows’ meeting. The fellows are responsible for their own travel expenses.Financial support for research fellows in the amount of €934 per month for up to three months is provided by the Research Training Group or Collaborative Research Centre.


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