Information for Researchers, No. 49 | June 2, 2021

DFG and AHRC Extend Successful Research Partnership

DFG/AHRC bilateral funding agreement for a further five years

DFG/AHRC bilateral funding agreement for a further five years

The signing of this agreement continues the longstanding partnership of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), which combines the strengths of world leading arts and humanities researchers in the UK and Germany to pioneer research into a wide array of topics.

The partnership will focus on UK-German joint “discovery research projects” and calls are open to the entire spectrum of the arts and humanities covered by the remits of AHRC and DFG.

High Quality Research

AHRC and DFG share a deeply held commitment to funding outstanding and original arts and humanities discovery research and a belief that this is enriched by international collaboration.

Arts and humanities underpin the most pressing questions facing our society; how can we inspire people to live more sustainably, how does our shared history contribute to present day injustices or how can we better understand integral aspects of the human experience such as how our language shapes us.

The research funded by AHRC and DFG will answer questions such as these in order to advance our understanding of the world around us and increase the quality of life for people in the UK, Germany and across the world.

Impactful International Collaboration

The research funded as part of the DFG/AHRC annual calls brings the UK and Germany’s arts and humanities researchers together to tackle issues that demand a collaborative approach. AHRC and DFG’s partnership has already yielded a wealth of successful discovery research projects that have significantly furthered our understanding of core arts and humanities questions.

The annual calls typically open in November with a closing date of late February of the following year.

Further Information

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