Statistical information on the development of the Heisenberg Programme

Cover: Statistische Informationen zur Entwicklung des Heisenberg-Programms

The DFG’s Heisenberg Programme aims to support outstandingly qualified researchers in preparing themselves for a future leadership position in academia. The target group consists of those who already meet all the requirements to be appointed to a permanent professorship.

Heisenberg fellowships have been available in Germany and abroad since 1977. The Heisenberg professorship was added at the end of 2005. Since a modification at the beginning of 2018, the programme now includes the Heisenberg position and the Heisenberg temporary substitute position, in addition to the Heisenberg fellowship and the Heisenberg professorship – four variants between which funding recipients are able to choose after being admitted to the programme.

The report presented here provides statistical information on the Heisenberg Programme on the occasion of the seventh Heisenberg Networking Meeting (Bonn, 29 – 30 August 2022). It includes core information on the subject profile and demographic structure of researchers funded under the Heisenberg Programme.