Doctoral programme lengths and doctoral degrees in DFG-funded consortia

Cover: Bericht. Promotionsdauern und Promotionsabschlüsse in DFG-geförderten Verbünden

Doctoral programme lengths and doctoral degrees are highly relevant to research policy, but information on them is scarce. In two statistical reports, the DFG analyses data on doctorates completed in the context of Collaborative Research Centres, Research Training Groups, Clusters of Excellence and Graduate Schools.

In the report Sprint oder Marathon? Die Dauer von Promotionen in DFG-geförderten Verbünden (“Sprint or marathon? Doctoral programme lengths in DFG-funded consortia”), the duration of all doctorates completed in 2018 is evaluated based on parameters such as research discipline, gender and DFG finance or funding programme. In addition, the typical time sequence of a doctoral project is traced (from university degree through to oral examination) and compared with the time spent participating in the consortium.

In the report Alles hat ein Ende … oder? Abgeschlossene und nicht abgeschlossene Promotionen in DFG-geförderten Verbünden (“All things come to an end ... don’t they? Completed and non-completed doctorates in DFG-funded consortia”), an analysis is carried out of how many of the doctorates started in 2012 were actually completed. Here, too, the focus is on a comparison based on structural differences resulting from the subject area, funding programme and institutional affiliation.