Dr. Andreas Horn - Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Prizewinner 2022

Neurology, Charité – Medical School – Charité – University Medicine Berlin and Harvard Medical School, Boston

Dr. Andreas Horn

Dr. Andreas Horn

© Andreas Horn

Andreas Horn uses and develops state-of-the-art imaging methods to study brain function. His focus is on understanding and modulating neuronal networks in the brain, with the declared aim of improving “deep brain stimulation”. This therapeutic approach enables symptomatic treatment of patients suffering from movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsies and obsessive-compulsive disorders. This research field combines neurology, neuroradiology and increasingly also psychiatry. With his innovative approach, Horn contributes to a better understanding of the effects of stimulation on structural and functional neuronal networks which are elaborately branched. One important milestone was the development of freely available software for postoperative analysis of the stimulation effects. Horn was accepted onto the DFG’s Emmy Noether Programme in 2019, and since 2020 he has also been leading two projects as part of a Collaborative Research Centre.



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