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Committee of Inquiry on Allegations of Scientific Misconduct

The Committee of Inquiry on Allegations of Scientific Misconduct investigates allegations of scientific misconduct carried out by applicants, funding recipients, others responsible for the use of DFG funds, and reviewers, as well as members of DFG bodies involved in consultation and decision-making processes.

The committee is made up of eight members who represent the areas of the humanities and the natural, life and engineering sciences. Where necessary, the committee may co-opt up to two reviewers from the field under investigation to assist in establishing the scientific facts of the case.

The committee deliberates in non-public oral proceedings; those accused of misconduct have the right to be heard. The committee weighs the evidence to determine whether scientific misconduct has occurred. If scientific misconduct has been established, the committee's findings are forwarded to the Joint Committee with a recommendation. Otherwise the committee will close the case.