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Working Together with Latin America

In recent decades, Latin America has become increasingly important as a location for science. As a result, research cooperation between Germany and some countries in the region has increased significantly. In order to strengthen relations with the research and funding institutions of Latin American countries and in particular to foster cooperation between the scientific communities on both sides, the DFG has been represented by trusted researchers in individual countries since 2006 as well as operating its own office in São Paulo since 2011.

Based on cooperation agreements, the DFG maintains partnerships with research funding organisations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico. Depending on the partner organisation, joint funding measures are published in calls for proposals or as an application option with co-financing in the Standing Open Procedure (SOP).


DFG President to participate in 20th Gender Summit

From September 15 to 23, takes place the 20th Gender Summit – LAC. Prof. Dr. Katja Becker, will participate in the opening of the summit, which debates the benefits of gender equality for the quality of scientific production. Interner Linkmore

In 10 years BRAGECRIM generated a wealth of international dialogue between students and doctoral researchers.

Interaction between German and Colombian Scientists

To present and disseminate the opportunities for scientific cooperation between Colombia and the Germans, the “Scientific Workshop on Colombian-German Cooperation” was held on 28 October. Interner Linkmore

DFG Takes Participate in Mexican Science Day

On November 4, the virtual Mexican Science Day will take place. The event is organised by the Mexican Embassy in Berlin and brings together Mexican and German scientists to present and discuss their projects in health sciences. Interner Linkmore

The regional area at a glance

Tasks and objectives

  • Establish and expand strategic cooperation in research funding
  • Systematic further development of joint funding procedures with the partner organisations
  • Systematic monitoring of countries with strong research potential and a high degree of self-interest in cooperation with research and funding partners in Germany
  • Advise researchers and academics on the DFG’s international cooperation opportunities and funding programmes
  • Organise and promote events which are important in terms of science strategy (seminars, workshops, conferences etc.) with the aim of enabling new cooperations and strengthening existing ones
  • Support dialogue and the exchange of experience between researchers and institutions in Latin America and Germany

Trusted researchers in Chile and Mexico

  • Act as contact persons for researchers in the respective country who are interested in cooperation with researchers in Germany
  • Support the exchange of researchers in both directions
  • Intensify contacts with local partner organisations
  • Organise regular local information events on the DFG and Germany as a research location
  • Seek to raise the profile of the DFG and Germany as a centre of research abroad, while also “advertising” the DFG’s funding opportunities and programmes


Team management:

Head of DFG Office Latin America:

Latin America /Caribbean: